Sam Bell

7 Week Program

Stop EXISTING and Start LIVING your life
on purpose, connected to your truth, with JOY

with Sam Bell
“I have been a seeker and still am but I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teachings of my soul” ~ Rumi

You feel:

~ things are not how you imagined

~ you’ve lost a bit of yourself as you rush your way through life

~ you know there is ‘something more’ but you don’t even know what ‘it’ is any more

~ and you are tired of chasing it

But you still feel giving up is not an option.
You know you are here for a reason and you will find it.

Your struggle is real:

~ the overwhelm stops you moving forward

~ you have lost sight of the starting line and the finish line

~ you feel frustrated and disheartened, impatient and afraid

Despite this, you know, with every part of your Being, that your purpose is out there.

You know you have the power to grow and go BIG so you can impact the world positively.

You want to feel fulfilled and know you’ve made a difference.

You want to impact your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, your patients.

But you feel the guilt, because you have so much, but you know there is more and you want it!

You are willing to put in the effort to feel free, fulfilled and purposeful.
You are ready to put in the work to realize your potential.
You are ready to have joy in your life and bring it to others.

~ so you’ve bought the books, listened to the podcasts, done the courses.

~ your search engine groans as you google ‘how to get unstuck’ to ‘finding your life purpose’, again

~ you’ve gone to the gurus, believing each one will have the answers

~ you’ve shown up and you’ve done the work

~ and ‘self help’ has become a spending category on you monthly budget

 After all that searching and effort, you still don’t feel any closer to the answers and you still crave that sense of inner confidence and peace.

Now Imagine…

All the answers are inside of you.

(but right now, you can’t hear them or tap into them)

You see your future self and you desire what you see.

(but right now, you seem so far away and out of your reach)

You are holding a magic compass that holds the answers and leads you to JOY.

(but right now, you cannot see your true north, the needle won’t stay steady )

Now, remove the ‘buts’, the obstacles obscuring your path.

You have the answers in your hand.
You have a clear map taking you to your future self.
Your compass is pointing to your truth, your JOY, your desires.

~ You have a deep confidence that turns you into a lighthouse with your message in the world

~ You have a deep connection to your inner wisdom so that you always know exactly what steps to take in any situation in life

~ Your relationships truly fulfill and nourish you

~ Your career or business combines your gifts and genius and does not burn you out

~ You have set boundaries without fear, so that you have time to show up in the best areas of your life that matter most to you

Well, my friends, I want to invite you on a Journey.
Your Journey.

JOY – The Journey of You

Think of it as an empowered walk with me at your side, sharing my experiences from a deep place of authenticity and sharing my knowledge and expertise. Together we will discover the most powerful guru you have ever met: YOU.

On this journey, you will get to examine all the things that are holding you back and prevent you from stepping into your true power. We will travel your journey, using the chakras as our map and discover and release any physical, emotional, spiritual and social blocks.  You will begin to connect with your soul and physical being and begin to see the path to the person you are really meant to be.

Even if you’ve done the tons of personal development work already, read all the books and had a mentor for years, this is for you. This is a YES.

This is a journey for everybody like you. For everybody who has ‘done it all’ yet still believes there is something more, something beyond what you have already created.

At last, the compass you’ve longed to hold for so long is in your hands.
All you need to do is take it with ease.


~ being fully rooted in your purpose, your life, your soul
~ seeing your desires become a reality
~ being the person who no longer puts their self last but indulges without guilt to fill up their cup
~ experiencing more JOY, more PLEASURE in your LIFE, your BODY, your RELATIONSHIPS, your PURPOSE
~ feeling a deep calm within when there is chaos in the world around you because you have a deep sense of trust in who you are and knowing that your soul compass will never lead you astray

What would it feel like to have found the most powerful advisor in your life?

What would it feel like to be free of confusion, indecision, disconnection?

This is what the JOY Program is all about.

Say YES to your soul now.

This is deep soul work.

This is a Journey of You – 7 weeks and 7 chakras.

It is not your typical program. You will change at the deepest levels of self instead of getting the kind of transformation that lasts a couple of years. You discover your most authentic self and forge an unbreakable life long bond with your most powerful, inner guide, your soul, your compass.

You will make huge shifts just by showing up.

You will access your souls wisdom so you can release your purpose, your clarity, your joy and ease. You will discover your freedom and connect to your truth.

This is for the person who has done all the programs and is ready to do the real work.

This is for the person who hasn’t done all the programs but wants to avoid the overwhelm and cut straight to the heart.

This is for the person ready to change at a soul level, forever, so they can be the powerful, joyful and authentic person life is calling you to be.

This is for the person who wants to live their life FULLY, not exist in it.

Are you ready?

“Sam has really encouraged and supported me every step of the way so that I stayed on track. I had never managed to do that before.”

~ Jan M

“Sam makes this deep work so much fun! I love to hear her stories which make me realize she has walked in my shoes.”

~ Fiona G